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Friday Night
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Saturday Morning
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10:00am: Torah Service
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Thursday Morning
8:00am: Morning Minyan

Educating The Future -- The Community Torah School

2008-2009 Torah School Registration Form


The Community Torah School in Long Beach is the only Conservative Torah School in the Greater Long Beach Area. Any student interested in a Jewish education is welcome. Family membership in the synagogue is not required for a student to attend the Community Torah School. Both new and returning students are invited to enroll immediately.

Community Torah School students have fun at school, enjoying field trips, music and festive holiday celebrations. Highly trained teachers inspire appreciation and knowledge of Israel and the Jewish People, provide an understanding of Jewish worship ceremonies and celebrations, and teach Hebrew and Torah. Girls and boys study the same material and look forward to the same full participation in a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Students are introduced to the Hebrew language at an early age, building their skills through the years in preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah training. Israeli studies include both Biblical lessons and current events. Prayer and holiday celebrations are taught in the classroom and practiced at special school events and family services. Students in grades K - 2 meet once a week on Sunday mornings, while students in grades 3 - 7 meet on Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons.

What do we expect to achieve in the Community Torah School?

We believe that a good synagogue school education should and can be a major influence in forming what a Jewish teenager knows (knowledge), knows how to do (skills), and wants to do (attitudes and proclivities). It requires a sufficient amount of time to form the foundation for future Jewish living, study and growth. We believe our school program will best impact on these if it integrates elements of informal education and systematically engages in family education. This program needs to start early, continue through adolescence and into adulthood.

We want all students to continue their formal Jewish education through high school and to be members of USY. Adolescence is a period of growth in the capacity to conceptualize and for dealing personally with one's identity. It is therefore important that Jewish education continue during these years and be ongoing so that the teen can develop a more mature perception of and commitment to Judaism, the foundation for which has only been laid in the elementary grades. As such, our synagogue has continuing education, which includes a teen trip to New York, confirmation classes, and youth groups.

For information about Community Torah School or to schedule of tour, please contact John Williams, Education Vice-President, or Rabbi Arielle Hanien, our Education Director, thru the Temple Office at (562) 426-6413.


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